Who We Are: The American Tribune

The American Tribune was founded in 2022 by four like-minded individuals who value truth, justice, and freedom. We want people to live in reality, we want all of us treated equally under the law, and we want the government to have as little presence as possible in our lives.

That's it. But why is that so hard?

We hate watching this country get torn apart by nefarious forces from the outside and corrupt political parties from the inside. Why do illegal immigrants, for example, get more support and admiration from elected officials than American citizens? That's not just upside down; that's morally reprehensible.

At the American Tribune, we believe the only way out of this national death spiral is to expose the gigantic grift of the media and political elites and take a stand. We quit our corporate jobs to focus on this full-time. That's how much we believe in this work and how important we know it is.

People need to wake up to the fact that their country and liberties are at risk of being stolen from them - more so than they already are.

As we describe in our introductory Substack about our name:

Why “The American Tribune?” How does a political office from the Roman Republic relate to the issues currently plaguing America and present a potential solution to our current societal ills? Why does the visage of Tiberius Gracchus grace our masthead?
Because if there was a civil innovation in the Roman Republic’s body politic that enabled it to survive without pulling itself apart for as long as it did, it was the addition of the tribuni plebis.
Instituted after the Republic nearly dissolved due to fighting between patricians (descendants of 100 men Romulus made Senators) and plebeians (everyone else), the tribunes of the plebes protected them from the patrician predation. Then, when victories abroad led to the destruction of the middle class at home, a tribune, Tiberius Gracchus, stood up for and attempted to preserve the dispossessed yeomanry.
Such a position is needed in America now. That would ideally be a political office. Unfortunately, that is unlikely because the middle class in America has so little political power. However, there can be tribunes in the public sphere who call out what the regime is doing in an attempt to stop it.

Indeed, part of the mission of the American Tribune is to provide an alternative to the narratives presented by the single-minded media and political talking heads and decision makers. We seek to echo of the great Tiberius Gracchus and "call out what the regime is doing in an attempt to stop it."

To that end, we launched theamericantribune.com to provide daily news updates and stories. You will be much more cognizant of the news cycle by visiting our site and will stay up-to-date without being programmed by the propaganda at any of the other major media outlets. 

And yet, we are still beholden to the rules of Big Tech and threatened with censorship, de-monitization, and de-platforming if we speak up with too much truth and honesty. With that in mind, we also launched theamericantribune.news, a weekly publication on Substack that tells stories too aggressive to print or share elsewhere. We would love to earn your paid subscription.

We also know that individual curators of news might prefer other ways to consume news, and with that in mind we produce daily videos and, right now, host a weekly podcast. You can find all of these productions on one of our 15 Facebook pages, or additionally find the podcast on Twitter, Substack, or Apple. Just search for Freedom From The Press Podcast. You won't be disappointed!

And if reading or listening isn't your speed, we've got you covered on videos. We already stated we believe in freedom, so you won't really find us on Google's YouTube. Instead, hop over to Rumble. New videos are uploaded daily with analysis. Find our channel at rumble.com/c/TheAmericanTribune. It costs nothing to subscribe and follow - but it helps us out a ton!

And this is just scratching the surface. Between written, audio, and visual content, we also recognized a need to share our messaging with conservative merchandise. Donald Trump took a simple red hat emblazoned with just four words and turned the political discourse upside down. Hats, shirts, and other accessories cannot be overlooked to change minds. You can find us at theamericantribunestore.com. Be sure to check back often as new apparel is always being added.

Welcome to the team.

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